CraftCon 2021 Thursday 29th - Friday 30th April

Welcome to the Second TCCPA Trade Conference

Two days of interactive workshops and seminars aimed at aspiring and existing cidermakers in the UK and beyond
Over 20 speakers and panelists presenting on a range of topics in three main strands
Hosted online using hopin – tickets open to anyone anywhere in the world



Three Counties Cider & Perry Association

The association represents, supports and promotes the interests of cider and perry producers primarily based in the Three Counties region of the UK (Herefordshire, Gloucestershire and Worcestershire).


Techniques, ideas and discussion on growing cider apple and perry pears


From crush to finished product, talks to inspire, inform and educate


Presentations on the nitty gritty of the business side

Conference Schedule The conference schedule is still evolving and subject to change



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Welcome & Opening Remarks

Simon Day, Chair, Three Counties Cider & Perry Association

Where Cider Apples Began? A journey to the Tian Shan foothills

Andrew Lea, food & beverage technical consultant (retired), author, Craft Cider Making


Trade & Sponsor Stands Time


Kegging Cider – the technical challenge

Gabe Cook, Ciderologist (Chair)
Richard Reynolds, Barbourne Cider
James Forbes,
Little Pomona
Allen Hogan, Hogan’s Cider
Lucie Mayerová, Naked Orchards


Basque cidermakers & diversification: going beyond sidra natural

Haritz Rodriguez, Ciderzale

Perry, Unique and Boutique: history, global picture and the perry festival


Chris Atkins, Ragged Stone Cider & Perry


Trade & Sponsor Stands Time




Adam Bland, Templar’s Choice, Normandy
Dave Matthews, Bartestree Cider Co

Orchards in unusual places

Steve Hughes, Rosie’s Triple D Cider

Myths in Cider & The Mystic Chords of Marketing: History

Dr. Maria Kennedy, Rutgers University, New Jersey
Brian Rutzen, Cider Brian, Chicago


Networking 1-to-1s


What makes great dry cider?


James Finch, The Cider Critic (Chair)
Sam Fitz, ANXO Cider, Washington
Robert Clough, Charnwood Cider
Piotr Nahajski, Chalkdown Cider
John Edwards, Fly Be Night Cider & Ross on Wye Cider & Perry

Improving Diversity, Inclusion and equality

Helen Anne Smith, Burum Collective
Ren Navarro, Beer. Diversity. North America

Bring the Bellies to the Bar

Ria Windcaller, Cider Chat (Chair)
Adam Wells, Cider Review
Cath Potter, Cider Women
Nicky Kong, The Cat In The Glass


Networking 1-to-1s


Close of Day



Event Opens – Trade Stands & Sponsors

Cider Women: Redressing the balance
for a more inclusive future

Keynote speech and workshop from the Cider Women community and friends


Trade Stands & Sponsors


join the dark side: Co-ferments & cider hybrids

Simon Day, Once Upon A Tree
Martin Berkeley, Pilton Cider

Kegged Cider – sales & marketing

Gabe Cook, Ciderologist (Chair)
Susannah Mansfield, Fram Ferment & Station House
Ed Calvert, Crafty Nectar
Martyn Goodwin-Sharman, The Good Measure
Alice Churchward, Real Al Co
Sam Nightingale, Nightingale Cider

My Cider Life: Exploring single variety dry cider

Mike & Albert Johnson, Ross on Wye Cider & Perry


Trade Stands & Sponsors


Canning: How Do and Should YOU?


Blair Côté, Little Pomona (Chair)

Soham Bhatt, Artifact Cider
Sam Nightingale, Nightingale Cider

Going for Growth: Building a sustainable  cider business


Susanna Forbes, Little Pomona (Chair)
Charlotte Johnson, Meon Valley Cider
Polly Hilton, Find & Foster
Barny Butterfield, Sandford Orchards
Allen Hogan, Hogan’s Cider

Modern British Cider

Gabe Cook, Ciderologist
Felix Nash, Fine Cider

Apple Trees &
DNA Finger-printing

Mark Winfield, Bristol University




diversity in your orchard – biodiversity crop and cultural

James Marsden, Gregg’s Pit (Chair)
Tom Adams, nurseryman and orchardist
Wade Muggleton, Marcher Apple Network & Worcester County Services
Kath Rosen, Orchard Project
Nicholas Gates, Naturalist and Author

Coming in from the cold: The rise of Ice Cider

Eleanor Léger, Eden Ciders, Vermont
Simon Day, Once Upon A Tree
Andreas Sundgren, Brannland Cider
Alex Simmens, Llanblethian Orchards

Striving for sustainability in the business of cider – the case for duty reform

Tom Tibbits, Artistraw Cider (Chair)
Mr Ian Liddell-Grainger MP, Bridgewater and West Somerset
Mr Bill Wiggin MP, North Herefordshire
Gordon Johncox, National Association of Cidermakers
Barry Watts, SIBA


Networking & Chat

Closing Address

Simon Day, Chair, Three Counties Cider & Perry Association